"We had many thoughts about the choice of photographer before our wedding, until we found fantastic Hélena. Our concern about feeling uncomfortable and unnatural in front of the camera was blown away thanks to Hélena's warm appearance and positive coaching. Hélena is full of energy, inspirational and always responsive to our wishes. We felt relaxed from the very first moment and the photography was a wonderful moment during our wedding day. Hélena succeeded in a formidable way in conveying our love and joy in the pictures, which will help us to remember this happy day for the rest of our lives. We
would undoubtedly recommend hiring Hélena and hope that we get the chance to be photographed by her again in some other context, as she is a genuine joy-giver. "                           /Rebecka och Johan

Rebecka & Johan, Borgholmsslottsruin, Öland

En varm sommardag i juni 2018

I have the incredible luxury of not only having a house down in Gotland which means I can foot a wedding there but my husband's family also has a house in Öland which makes me more than happy to take a wedding in Öland too! Why settle for an island when you can have two!

Rebecka and Johan's wedding was happiness right through! We met at Öland for planning and sample photography on a sunny spring day. That their wedding day was just as sunny and nice we had not dared to hope for but Öland delivered and we got a couple of amazing hours before the wedding when we were shooting by the sea among all the blue fir and poppy.

The dinner and party were held at Borgholmsslottsruin and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful places for dinner I have ever photographed. If you are thinking of getting married in Öland you just have to look into Borgholmsslottsruin it has everything! The fact that both Rebecka and Johan are one of the coolest and funniest couples I have photographed did not make things worse. I just love how they offer themselves and so many wonderful spontaneous pictures I managed to capture.