Fanny & Dennis! Where should I start? A couple who came to meet because Fanny had found me as a seamstress for SensibleM, yes! I sew dresses too! We talked through their wedding and I told you that I am also a photographer, which is what I do most, and florist. So I ended up stitching Fanny's dress, a champagne-colored dream to the forefront, photographing their wedding at Artipelag in Värmdö and making their flower arrangements with bouquet, bridal bow and corsage for the guys.

Some couples get extra close and Fanny and Dennis are such a couple! I love their way of being with each other, their style of bohemian touch but also a sense of 20-30 speeches. A wedding with so much emotion, laughter and blown because yes, it blew a lot this day in September, but as I usually say, nature becomes so much more beautiful and the couple a little more relaxed. Then I had to lash the bridal bow in Artipelag's handrail so that it would not blow away is only part of the charm.

Fanny & Dennis, Artipelag Värmdö

En blåsig varm dag i september 2018