Lill & Carl, Martebo Gotland

gårdsbröllop på gotland en solig junidag 2017

Gotland has a special place in my heart because I spent all summers and holidays before we moved down to and went to high school there and then had shoe shop on Adelsgatan as an 18 year old, crazy I know but that's a bit like I am. If you dare not, you have nothing to gain! Now I have a house outside Visby just before Tofta church so that's why I always get extra happy when I get the chance to foot a wedding on Gotland.

When I met Lill & Carl at a meeting I always have before booking, I didn't think it was true when I heard about their wedding plans and everything they did to get Lill's grandparents home for the wedding. All of you who go into gift shops and are thinking of having a party in a barn ... check out all the pictures from dinner and party! This is all Pinterest collectors' wet dream. So incredibly beautiful!

In addition, Lill and Carl are two absolutely magical people who made the day wonderful not only for their friends and relatives but also for all of us others who were around. For all of you who are thinking of getting married on Gotland please do not hesitate to contact me if you want tips or are looking for something. If you book me as a wedding photographer, travel and accommodation are included in the price. I just make sure to plan a trip to Gotland in connection with your wedding and believe I take every chance I can to get a few extra days on the island. There's probably no place on earth that makes me feel as good as Gotland!

Alltså vilken stjärna du är!! Så vackra bilder! Fantastiskt att se hur du har fångat våra känslor och lycka den dagen i bilder ❤ 🙂 Stor kram!
// Lill & Carl, Gotland 2017