Kim and Patrick's wedding is one of the most perfect weddings I have photographed and the whole story of how it turned out is quite unlikely. My husband and his family have had a cottage in North Öland since the early 70's. We go down there every spring and summer and enjoy the proximity to the sea. The cottage is absolutely perfect with views of the sea and lighthouse. There are so many times I have walked along the beach and thought that here would  be lovely to photograph wedding portraits.

One of Christ's Ascension Day when we were there, I went into the local shop in Löttorp which has all sorts of beautiful things and bought some stuff for the studio that I could use in photography. I started to talk to the owner about all her nice things and they were perfect for child photography. She asked if I photographed weddings too and that her son would get married in the summer, that it was difficult to find a photographer so far north on Öland. I said that if I was down their date, the trip and the accommodation would not cost anything extra and just like everything else in this story it turned out that I would be there that week.

Finally getting a wedding at Öland with cycling distance to the cottage felt like a pure luxury. To get photos with the fantastic surroundings that are out towards Högby lighthouse and which I have dreamed for so long, magic. The fact that both Kim, Patrik and their friends were absolutely fantastic and had such a wonderful attitude to the wedding did not make matters worse. I have probably never laughed as much as when Patrick's family came in dressed up for Ninja Turtles… Unbeatable!

Kim & Patrik, Löttorp, Öland

En solig sommardag i juli 2016