Evelyn and I met for the first time at my house on my couch on a Friday afternoon! It was two weeks after my dad had passed away and first I thought about calling and canceling. Evelyn wanted me to sew her wedding dress, yes, I sew too, and we would have the first consultation meeting. I decided to carry it out, if you put things away it will only be harder to move on.

We talked about the dress, the wedding and her visions. John, then her hubby, was stuck on the E4 with her daughter and it would take some time. I offered a glass of wine and we started talking about life, about my dad, about her journey. Photographer they had already booked but when Evelyn told me she would dance the vows I came up with the brilliant idea that they must have someone filming all this. The week in New York was absolutely amazing! The wedding ceremony and dinner were at The Press Lounge at the top of the roof and to stand there, see wonderful Evelyn and John say I do to each other was absolutely amazing. After dinner, a portrait was shot with New York photographer Robert Carlo and then there were drinks at AttaBoy, what a place if you are in NY go there.

The morning after, we meet at Brooklyn Bridge to photograph portraits at sunrise and that morning is on my top five list in terms of photographing portraits. Watching the sun rise on an almost empty Brooklyn Bridge, the calm, the joy. We went over and bought breakfast in a small place in Brooklyn, sat on a bench and watched NY wake up. Clean and cut magic! I want to go back! After Evelyn and John's wedding, we became close friends. Sure life is wonderful!

Evelyn & John, The PressLounge, New York

En mycket het junidag 2017