Ayshe & Hayrula, Rechitsa, Bulgarien

En liten bergsby i Bulgarien 2018

I know Hayrula since before and when I found out that I had to come along and document his and Ayshe's wedding I didn't think it was true. To experience a wedding in Bulgaria with their customs, absolutely fantastic.

There is nothing that could have prepared me for what was waiting ... nothing! The heat, the friendliness, the joy, the dance, the music, all the ages that socialize and really have a party together, 2000 guests, the men who slaughtered and cut animals and cooked for everyone, the women and their power, they wore mantles during the first ceremony.

The wedding was for two days and the first day so the bride and her friends and relatives of the village wear. The groom must dance for her and she must approve of him. The families get to know each other. You have a light ceremony before the groom dances and that is for the marriage to give fruit and happiness. In the evening they change into party clothes, dance down to the village square and have another ceremony before the dance and the party starts. Now we're talking party! Old, young, children all join and participate in dancing so the sweat runs and the joy is on top.

Day two is the wedding itself with white dress! A quieter event where the bride and groom after the wedding goes down to the square with dance and music and then receives all the villagers and relatives' gifts. That day it was absolutely senselessly warm and under the tent where the bridal couple stood and received everyone, it was unbearably hot.

A wedding that gave me so much joy and insight into how similar and yet different we are! How far apart the generations have come from each other in Sweden! I wish we had more of Bulgaria's party atmosphere at our parties where everyone regardless of age spend time dancing with each other.